Colombo FootBAll Club



The current players of Colombo Football Club consists of individuals between the ages of 15 and 36. As there is a no age limit in the league, Colombo Football Club is open to all individuals regardless of age, so long as they are highly interested in the sport and prove they are club worthy.

There are no fees involved for the players, and the management of Colombo Football Club ensures that the necessary facilities and equipment is provided for the players as long as they are representing Colombo FC.

While their is no minimum education criteria to join the club ( as there is no requirement by the league), Colombo Football Club highly encourages all players to posses some form of High School Level Diploma ( example: O-Levels)

Young Players if interested may seek the help of the management of Colombo Football Club, in regards to advice and financial assistance if pursuing higher studies in any educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

Pertaining to the players of our beloved club, the management of Colombo FC is committed to create not only great football players, but to eventually create community leaders that will help revive the sport in the country, as well as building a brighter future and creating more opportunities for the youth of our beloved country.